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Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Gundaling ,Berastagi (North Sumatera) ,Indonesia.

Wooow beautiful weather right now where I live for the moment. Here My Journey to Berastagi (Only Picture) and some info
Actually, because of the weather during the day to support this, I plan to go to the pool to enjoy. but before I go. last night I had promised to update my experience. to the sights that I posted last night.
Berastagi ,Gundaling

Ok on this occasion I will post one of the 3 tourist places that I visited a week ago.
The first place is Gundaling, Berastagi residing in northern Sumatra.
In this place, we can see views of the Bukit Gundaling. here we will go to the top Gundaling so we can see the beautiful city Berastagi and great hills and clouds that add beautiful sights in this place.

Here also many statues and sculptures in a relaxed seat to see the sights around this place and if you want mengelilingin this peak you can menegendarai horse that you can pay idr 20 000

The horse will take you around the peak Gundaling.

In this place we can buy unique clothing and other accessories.
And in this place is also very fresh air that made ​​me feel at home to relax in this place.
This place is located in Berastagi. about 3 hours of Siantar and 2 hours from the field.

The road to this place including the already good. Are concerned particularly so do you go to use the field lines.

Ok I think this bit of info that could be useful for us all.
You can ask about this place the info to my email listed on the banner above.
Have accepted the love you want to spend time to read my article.
I'll post soon about 2 other places I visited.

See you soon.


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